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Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
1:27 pm - Methods for sight-singing
comefortea I was just thrown for a loop regarding my school’s theory program. Apparently they do not use solfege. My question is, if I were to audition at Juilliard, Eastman, or a similar school (for my master’s degree), would I be laughed out of the room if I were to sight-sing using numbers? And for curiosity's sake, how common is it for institutions of higher learning to use non-solfege sight-singing methods? In the past, I learned to sight read with solfege, and I’m thinking I might be better off going back to those materials and studying independently. Using numbers is easier, but if solfege is what I need to know in the long run, as I imagine it is, then I don't want to be sight-singing with numbers for the next few semesters.

Thank you in advance for any responses.

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Friday, December 4th, 2009
10:40 pm - EuroVoice - the new Music Contest in Europe


Want to be a part of musical revolution? Get involved in EuroVoice 2010!

EuroVoice is a new european music contest leaded by famous composer Eric Serra (soundtracks: Bandidas, Wasabi, The Fifth Element, GoldenEye, Léon etc.) You can upload tracks, create your own community or support your favourite musician. For more details visit www.eurovoice.tv

Don't miss your chanse!

Kind regards,
EuroVoice Team.

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
4:50 pm - Grad school without an undergrad music degree

Hello, everyone. I have a somewhat loaded question for anyone who can help me out. Before that, though, I have to share my loaded story:

I am a soprano in my early 20s. I am currently a junior in college, working toward a Bachelor of Arts in a field unrelated to music. I began college as a vocal performance major, but personal problems forced me to withdraw from school. Ever since I returned to college as a non-music major, I’ve been missing music but have simultaneously been trying to find something more practical (what can I say, I’m a worrywart). I have now come to the conclusion that nothing I am interested in is practical, so I figure I should go with what I truly love so that I can have a little bit of fun while I struggle.

The best plan for me, short-term, would be to simply extend my undergrad time (probably by a year) and stay with my major and minor, but add a bunch of music classes. I would hate to switch my major again, because I’m an “old” student as it is. I know that it’s possible for musicians who don’t have undergraduate music degrees but who have the proper background in theory and history – and of course, the talent – to be accepted as graduate music students. I want to be able to attend a prestigious graduate school, and I wonder whether my lacking the complete undergraduate background that other candidates have will hinder my chances at being accepted anywhere. I’ve heard quite a few times that when it comes to graduate school it’s more about the talent level and potential for growth, which I feel fine with, but I am concerned as to how not having a music degree might affect me. It’s hard enough to get into opera with a Master’s, so I want to make sure that wherever I go to receive that Master’s is a place that will open doors for me in the future.

When I spoke to my voice teacher about the possibility of adding music classes in order to go on to graduate school, she thought it sounded good. When I pitched the idea to the chair of the music department here, s/he was extremely dismissive. I find this funny, because there is a music professor at this school who received his Bachelor’s degree in a subject totally unrelated to music and went on to study music at the graduate level at Indiana University, and he himself told me that it doesn’t matter what your undergraduate degree is. Anyway, the chair said that having a Bachelor’s degree in music would qualify me much more for graduate school, and that I probably wouldn’t be able to get into a good Master’s program without that degree.

I don’t believe that last part, simply because I have evidence that says otherwise. But this does make me think about what kind of program I’d be able to get into. A while ago, I saw a Peabody student in a LJ community state that they were in graduate school with people who didn’t get undergraduate music degrees, and Peabody’s just the type of place I’d like to get into.

So, bottom line, what I need to know is whether or not I’ve been naïve/delusional to believe that I could have a shot at getting into a top tier school like Juilliard/Mannes/Peabody without a Bachelor’s degree in music. Or perhaps I’m being delusional when I believe that I have to attend such a school in order to successfully break into the industry?? I’m really struggling, so please, if you can shed any light on the situation, I would love to hear from you! (And thanks to anyone who read this whole thing!!)

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Friday, July 18th, 2008
1:14 pm - How hard is it to get in to a music degree majoring in contemporary voice?



This is probably an absurd question - feel free to delete it if it is in any way inappropriate, and if it is then I apologise - but I've started thinking about it lately and now I'm a little worried!  

I was wondering if anyone knows what the general standard is for somehow who wants to study a music degree at university/college level majoring or specialising in contemporary voice?  I've seen quite a few examples of classical voice students but there seems to be less information (or I am less capable of finding it) about those wanting to study contemporary voice.  I am worried that I am not good enough to get accepted or to pass the audition.  I work as a musician and was once accepted via audition (but could not attend) into a Performing Arts degree specialising in music, but I'm guessing that a Bachelor of Music probably has much higher standards and now I'm slightly concerned.  A lot of the universities I have looked at here in Australia require around Grade 7 for performance and while I know what level Grade 7 theory is I have no idea what it would mean for a performance by a contemporary voice student. 

Is there anybody here currently majoring in contemporary voice who can give me some advice, or does anybody know of any examples of a contemporary voice student at college level to give me an idea?  I really want to study music at university but now I am worried that I won't be up to the task!

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the silly question!  :-)

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
11:23 am - American Idol Auditions

Hello all! I don't know if this post is appropriate, so feel free to delete it if it's not. 

American Idol is coming to my city for the first time (I live in Louisville, Kentucky) in two weeks and I'm considering auditioning. I'm a vocal performance major and my forte is in classical and sometimes musical theatre. I have four songs picked out and I'm feeling confident that I have the talent and charisma to get me to Hollywood. However, I've been thinking that maybe this isn't the way I want to become known as a musician. I don't like how American Idol picks the really talented or really funny/bad people and then exploits the bad people, making them believe that they're being seriously considered for the next American Idol before they go see the judges, then making them seem like idiots.

Do any of you singers have any experience with American Idol? I'd love to hear your stories and advice. Thank you so much!


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Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
2:52 pm - Help!

I'm programming my senior recital for this fall, and I've got most of the music I want selected - except for the baroque/renaissance requirement. Any suggestions for songs written between 1450-1750 that would fit a baritone?

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Monday, March 24th, 2008
6:37 pm - Thought Y'all might enjoy this...


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Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
10:13 pm


Dear friends! Does anybody has Purcell`s "Dido and Aeneas" in his musical archive?
I need  the air "Dido's lament" for my theatre. Can anybody be so kind as to share this track with me?

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Friday, January 25th, 2008
12:58 am - I remembered my second question!

Does anybody else here have a problem with saliva buildup while singing? I've found this to be quite a problem, especially while singing lieder, for some odd reason. It stinks, too, because I love lieder. Where does it come from? Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

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Friday, January 18th, 2008
12:03 am

I had two questions, but I forgot the less stupid of the two, so I'll ask the dumber one.

I would say one of my biggest weaknesses right now is my inability to perform some phrases correctly due to lack of air. Is there a way to increase the amount of air you can hold in your lungs, or does the ability to maintain a long phrase come from airflow control alone? If the former, do you know any exercises to do so? I've seen products for brass players to practice breathing without the mouthpiece or the instrument; would those be of any help?

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Monday, November 12th, 2007
1:59 am

Anybody know where I can find a side-by-side translation of Tosca with the original Italian online? A friend let me rip the Callas-Gobbi version, but now I want to listen to it and don't have the booklet to translate. Any suggestions?


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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
8:57 pm

Do you think Vaughn Williams could be a 20th century English set? Or is he too romantic? I just don't love the stereotypical 20th century music and am trying to get around that somehow.


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Thursday, September 13th, 2007
3:48 pm - The East Village Opera Company

So, a year or so ago I went to a concert by the East Village Opera Company with my parents. I wasn't sure what to expect. Surely not what I got, which was wailing electric guitars, drums -- a full out five piece rock group -- perfectly balanced with a string quartet and the most amazing vocals I'd ever heard. Even more unexpected was the amazing way the band reacted to a random high school kid who found herself enamored by their music. A year later, I now have the honor of working with the band and helping out with their online presence. Which is why I am writing this article.

The East Village Opera Company (or EVOC, which is substantially easier to type) does not have a stereotypical fan. I love showtunes, 60s music, Queen, the Beatles, Michael Buble, Eminem and Sugarcult, among many more equally diverse genres. My parents' music tastes are extremely different from my own, my brothers make sure I have my music turned all the way down most of the time and my friends think I have the wackiest sense of what "rocks" ever -- but there's one group that all of these people agree on. EVOC. Their appeal is universal.

And yet, for some reason, word hasn't quite caught yet. I've spent the last year contemplating why that is and now I'm doing something about it.

Listen to their music here. If you like it, then add them as your friends on MySpace. Then buy a ticket to one of their upcoming shows. Buy a CD. Tell your friends about their music. Wear an EVOC shirt.

Why? Because EVOC rocks.

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Sunday, September 9th, 2007
7:57 pm

hey !
i was wondering if any of you guys have any paticular remedies you use for recovering from colds flu, sore throats, ear/nose/sinus infections ? right now i have a bad case of ear/nose/throat infection and im perfoming in an opera in 3 weeks, so i need some advice, besides that of my doctor, because everyone knows that a singer knows most about the throat. it would be good to hear some rapid working suggestions too, ahah =]

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Sunday, August 12th, 2007
9:53 am - Hi there!

I'm a singer recently diagnosed with acid reflux disease. I was wondering if anyone here has it and what are some of the things YOU do to relieve it. My doctor has put me on Prilosec and told me to cut certian foods out of my diet :( All of the REALLY good tasting things too.lol. Anyways, is there anything else I can do to keep it under control? Thanks!

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Friday, July 27th, 2007
7:31 pm - possibly xposted

hey, guys! i am a high school senior soprano at the walnut hill school. of course, i am doing a bunch of work on my own, but i figured that i'd ask around as i apply to schools for undergraduate studies (i am going the liberal arts school route; i'm leaning towards pursuing general history and voice performance).

does anyone have any teacher recommendations/insight on the voice and opera programs/miscellaneous information about the following schools? even teachers in the general area of these schools would be useful. thanks so much!

the epic list:
bard college
ithaca college
oberlin college/conservatory
lawrence university
temple university
any college in the five-college consortium (i will probably apply to hampshire and/or smith)
kenyon college
marlboro college
miami university in ohio
beloit college
dennison university
depaul university
grinnell college

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Thursday, June 7th, 2007
7:11 pm - Diaphram Exercise

I've been told that blowing up ballons is a good exercise to strenghten the diaphram. I was just wondering if any of you knew if this really does help. Thanks!

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
3:29 pm

Hi! sorry if this has been asked before but, I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for good soprano duets. So far all I can come up with is "The flower duet" from Lakme. Thanks!

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