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The East Village Opera Company

So, a year or so ago I went to a concert by the East Village Opera Company with my parents. I wasn't sure what to expect. Surely not what I got, which was wailing electric guitars, drums -- a full out five piece rock group -- perfectly balanced with a string quartet and the most amazing vocals I'd ever heard. Even more unexpected was the amazing way the band reacted to a random high school kid who found herself enamored by their music. A year later, I now have the honor of working with the band and helping out with their online presence. Which is why I am writing this article.

The East Village Opera Company (or EVOC, which is substantially easier to type) does not have a stereotypical fan. I love showtunes, 60s music, Queen, the Beatles, Michael Buble, Eminem and Sugarcult, among many more equally diverse genres. My parents' music tastes are extremely different from my own, my brothers make sure I have my music turned all the way down most of the time and my friends think I have the wackiest sense of what "rocks" ever -- but there's one group that all of these people agree on. EVOC. Their appeal is universal.

And yet, for some reason, word hasn't quite caught yet. I've spent the last year contemplating why that is and now I'm doing something about it.

Listen to their music here. If you like it, then add them as your friends on MySpace. Then buy a ticket to one of their upcoming shows. Buy a CD. Tell your friends about their music. Wear an EVOC shirt.

Why? Because EVOC rocks.
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