Knulp (vulpes08) wrote in vocalmajors,

How hard is it to get in to a music degree majoring in contemporary voice?


This is probably an absurd question - feel free to delete it if it is in any way inappropriate, and if it is then I apologise - but I've started thinking about it lately and now I'm a little worried!  

I was wondering if anyone knows what the general standard is for somehow who wants to study a music degree at university/college level majoring or specialising in contemporary voice?  I've seen quite a few examples of classical voice students but there seems to be less information (or I am less capable of finding it) about those wanting to study contemporary voice.  I am worried that I am not good enough to get accepted or to pass the audition.  I work as a musician and was once accepted via audition (but could not attend) into a Performing Arts degree specialising in music, but I'm guessing that a Bachelor of Music probably has much higher standards and now I'm slightly concerned.  A lot of the universities I have looked at here in Australia require around Grade 7 for performance and while I know what level Grade 7 theory is I have no idea what it would mean for a performance by a contemporary voice student. 

Is there anybody here currently majoring in contemporary voice who can give me some advice, or does anybody know of any examples of a contemporary voice student at college level to give me an idea?  I really want to study music at university but now I am worried that I won't be up to the task!

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the silly question!  :-)

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