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American Idol Auditions

Hello all! I don't know if this post is appropriate, so feel free to delete it if it's not. 

American Idol is coming to my city for the first time (I live in Louisville, Kentucky) in two weeks and I'm considering auditioning. I'm a vocal performance major and my forte is in classical and sometimes musical theatre. I have four songs picked out and I'm feeling confident that I have the talent and charisma to get me to Hollywood. However, I've been thinking that maybe this isn't the way I want to become known as a musician. I don't like how American Idol picks the really talented or really funny/bad people and then exploits the bad people, making them believe that they're being seriously considered for the next American Idol before they go see the judges, then making them seem like idiots.

Do any of you singers have any experience with American Idol? I'd love to hear your stories and advice. Thank you so much!


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Hey Jillian,

I'm also a classical voice performance major and I went to the American Idol auditions in Philadelphia last year. It was a really fun experience for me (but only because I got to visit historic Philly and spend time with Mom; the auditions themselves were not fun). After I went there and saw how everything went down, I was totally uninterested in the show. I didn't see one show this season.

Here's how it works: you wait on a long line to get registered. Then, you come back another day to actually audition. They set up a dozen stations with people who work for the show (whether they were even musical at all, I don't know). Then you wait in your assigned seat in the stadium for your section to get called. Then you go with three other people to one of the stations.

The weird thing is that they don't send you to the stations in order. They look you over, look to someone for a signal, then send you to a certain station. I could see the stations from where I was sitting in the stadium so while I waited to be called, I watched other auditions. Some stations didn't have any golden tickets to give out. Some stations were where they sent all the people in costumes. Another station was all those obnoxious bad singers who think they're good. It seemed so rigged to me that it was nauseating.

When you get to the station, you have 15 seconds to sing any song you want. If you get through, there are another two rounds before you see Paula, Simon, and Randy. You have to come back the next weekend for the other rounds.

American Idol is fun, but it's not really a "singing" competition. I mean, the finalists can't even sing on pitch half the time. It's just a fun show that gets some people into the pop scene. The odds of making a career for yourself is slim to none. My suggestion is to get through school and approach a career the normal way. American Idol is, at its core, a business and it operates in that manner.

If you want to try out and have the experience, I encourage you to go and try out. It was an experience and I'm glad I went because it was a lot of fun. If you go, I would definitely take someone fun with you (otherwise all the waiting is really boring).

Good luck no matter what you choose to do.
Thank you so much for your input! Your comment really made a difference in making my decision. How far did you get in the competition?
I was sent to a table with no golden tickets so I got nowhere. :(
Stupid question: how do you find out about American Idol auditions locations?
I think it's on Fox's website...? I don't know, but my whole city's freaking out that Idol's coming so thats how I found out. I'd google it if I were you!